The First Year 1991 - 1992 Season

This information was scorced from the original Team list.  We are also looking for the photo that was taken in that year.  Team Logo's and Colours would also be appreciated.  If any names are incorrect, please contact the webmaster on with the corrections.



Players: "The Hot Shots" Players: "The Dream Team"
  Neil Bienvenu   Neil Bailey
  Doug Corker   Wayne Carter
  Graham Drew   Stephen Cocliff
  Lee goodwin   Jim Kidd
  Paul Maisey   Gary Knight
  Darryl Moyle   Frank Nelligan
  Geoff Moyle   Arthur Pagonis
  Marty Parn   Neville Payne
  Greg Paull   Alan Rew
  Gary Pratt   Geoff Smith
  Bary Stace   Mike Soding
  Graham Thorne   Graham Squance
  Jim Watson   Jeff Squance
  Graeme Williams   Lance Wagner
  Bob williamson   Kevin Witton
Players: "The Master Blasters" Players: "The Sultans of Swat"
  Niel Bennett   Steve Allen
  Martin Byrne   John Bristow
  Wayne (Horse) Condon   Ian Brunton
  John Connell   Don Butler
  John Falcetta   John Croswell
  Tony Goadby   Bob Harris
  Mick Gordon   Dave Harris
  Ray Hill   David Kempton
  Graham Jarvis   Steve Murdoch
  Russell Jarvis   Phil Nelligan
  Larry Ragazzo   Steve Oxbrow
  Carlo Sapienza   John Thomas
  Craig Thompson   John Thompson
  Graham Ward   Ian Warchomij
      Murray Westphal
      Ian White
Team: JETS    
Players: "The High Flyers"    
  Steve Andrews    
  Chris Brown    
  Jon Dadd    
  Ian Edwards    
  Rolly Gargano    
  Ian Gow    
  Andy Harman    
  Ian Hoad    
  Mark Kilkelly    
  Robin Nussey    
  Ian Ross    
  Gary Schwab    
  Kevin Pratt    

Photos from the past

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